Text Box:    Greetings from Las Vegas… 
Remember the camaraderie, fellowship and just plain fun of past reunions?   Well its time to mark you calendars and begin the planning to attend this years 2010 Roadrunner Reunion.
  Many of you are aware that last years planned reunion was ‘rescheduled’ from October 2009 to October 2010 however, there many more of you that are not aware that it did not take place..
  As last summer began to unfold and our requests for registration packets came in it soon became clear that the best we could expect in turnout for October,  2009 would be a total of 85 to 90 people… a very low number compared to past reunions.  We made some inquiries in an attempt to find out ‘why’ and found that, like many of us, our members were just a bit ‘unsettled’ and in a bit of a funk due in part to the deepening recession, the political turmoil in Washington, etc., etc.  Based on this, your local reunion planning committee talked with the Gold Coast staff and was able to ‘slip’ last years reunion to  the same time period this year in the hope that we would be able to muster greater attendance by deferring it one year.  We attempted to contact each member who requested a registration package and also posted a notice Text Box: on the website (http://f111reunion.com).   
  So here we are, one year later and 6 months out from our next reunion which we are committed to host.…  and we hope for a much better turnout this year.  To that end the Gold Coast Hotel is offering us an unbelievable rate of $34.00 for a standard
room...  and all rooms have been upgraded and improved since your last visit in 2006. 
  Also this year we plan for a full 4-day event vice a 5-day event.  Basically all we have done is move the traditional Friday Champagne “Departure” Brunch to Thursday morning. This simply means our reunion will officially end on Thursday evening with the closing banquet and dinner dance and everyone can depart leisurely on Friday or Saturday as they wish.
  Some have suggested that this may be our last reunion.  Let’s prove them wrong... But that largely depends upon you.  Participation (‘numbers’) is important as it all gets back to dollars and cents.  The cost per person dramatically goes up and the provided amenities goes down as our numbers approach 100 or less.  As our numbers further reduce over time and as interest wanes we may reach a point that it is no longer practical to continue this event every 3 years.  Therefore, the real question is;  “are we there yet?”  This is a question we should formally consider during this reunion.
Text Box: TO LOWER MAILING COSTS AND REDUCE PAPERWORK WE WANT TO DISTRUBUTE AS MANY REGISTRATION PACKETS AS POSSIBLE VIA THE INTERNET… We currently have email addresses for 167 of our 546 members.  However, we believe there may be many more of you with internet capability.  If that is so, please provide Greg Ellis (gregellis@att.net) your contact information and you will be added to our "electronic" list. 
Text Box:  How About Another Reunion?? 2010
Text Box:  Registering for ROADRUNNER–2010
Text Box: Volume 1, Issue 1
Text Box: Reunion At A       Glance:
DATES:  4-7 Oct 2010
WHERE: Gold Coast Hotel and Casino
ROOM RATE: $34.00
Text Box: Spring 2010



Reunion Day-by-Day:

Mon  -  4 Oct

  - Registration

  - Hospitality Suite

  - Welcome Party

  - Buffet dinner


Tue  -  5 Oct

  - Hospitality Suite

  - Nellis Tour/Briefings


Wed   -  6 Oct

  - Hospitality Suite

  - Night on the town


Thur  -  7 Oct

  - Champagne Brunch

  - Hospitality Suite

  - Banquet and Dance

All other members will receive a copy of the registration packet in the mail by mid to late Jun.  As always, our goal is to provide a great reunion venue and lots of great fellowship and fun at the least possible cost.





 4 - 7 OCTOBER